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    Captured Confederate Maps - Louisiana


      A few years ago I did a project in Northwestern Louisiana, within which I geoferenced scans of a few maps in the NARA Z-33 record group. You can see them at crhim.legiongis.com/map by activating the "Confederate Maps" or "Confederate Road Survey" layer in the Historic Maps menu.


      At the time I was not able to find much information on these maps, though because of their beauty and detail they have always stuck with me. I'm potentially interested in working with this record group more when I attend grad school, so I'm curious now: Where could I find more information about these maps?


      In the NARA "Guide to Civil War Maps" they are described as "A group of manuscript parish maps received from Captain Reese in 1866" and on one of maps I worked with it is scrawled: Made under "high pressure" haste by order of S___ Marshall. Beyond these hints I don't have much more information, so I thought I'd start with an inquiry here.