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    Role of Mary Agnes Coombs in Clara Barton's Journals/Writings


      Greetings! In the journals of Clara Barton (May 17 - Sept. 5, 1897), I discovered the following entry that I believe is the work of her assistant/stenographer Miss Mary Agnes Coombs: https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/clara-barton-angel-of-the-battlefield/diaries-and-journals-1892-1901/mss119730045/mss119… It made me wonder if Mary Agnes contributed to more of Clara's journals and writings. This entry and a few others in this journal refer to "Miss Barton" and C.B.


      As I transcribe Clara's journals/writings, I feel like some pages of her cursive are clearer/easier to read/more complete than others. It made me wonder if these might be pages that Clara dictated to Mary Agnes. Is the clearer hand that I sometimes find that of Mary Agnes? Just a thought that I wanted to share.


      Cheers, K