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    Seeking information on my Great-Grandmother Loreta

    Angela Chiavetta Newbie

      What happened to my great-grandmother, Loreta Ognibene, born November 9, 1858 in Vallelunga, Sicily?  She arrived at Ellis Island on June 14, 1897 with her four young sons and going to Louisiana.  She was on the Ship Alsatia June 14, 1897.  She was 39 years old.  Her sons did end up in Louisiana but don't know how they got there.  Their mother, Loreta Ognibene, did not.  I am assuming that she was to meet her husband, Salvatore Gioeli, but don't know.  Salvatore remarried a widower in Louisiana on Feb. 4, 1899.  I am sure he needed to have someone to raise his children.  But what happened to Loreta????  Did she die enroute to Ellis Island or in a hospital at Ellis Island.  I have been looking for her for 20 years.


      Thank you

      Angela Chiavetta