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    is there a simple way to locate files?


      Hello All,


      I feel like I'm missing something....


      There must be a way to do a search for a file in the Crowd transcriptions, right?


      I used to be able to locate them by when, more or less, I worked on them. But at this point I'm far beyond being able to easily search that way.


      If one could filter by timeline, yes.


      If one could filter by filename, yes... and perhaps one can but haven't figured it out yet?


      If this isn't an available function, I'll feel so much better knowing that, because I am feeling rather inept at the moment.





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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi Suzanne,


          You're not missing anything! Unfortunately, advanced sorting in your user profile and sitewide search are features we hope to build out in the future, but have not been able to yet. Your community managers do have some more advanced sorting options in the administrative site and are happy to try to look for something by date, filename, etc. Please just shoot us an email at crowd@loc.gov if you ever want some extra help with a search.


          I'll add your question to our ongoing list of user requests which help us prioritize upcoming features.



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