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    Document in German


      If anyone can transcribe a document in German, please give this one a look:


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          i have another:




          Sharon McKinley ..?? Not meaning to put you on the spot, but I noticed you know German and might be interested, even if you're not currently on Lincoln's letters.


          It's a poem.



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              Sharon McKinley Adventurer

              Oh, I can transcribe German, but not THAT German. 19th-century German script is extremely difficult for a modern American to read (and probably modern Germans as well; they stopped using Sutterlin, the last permutation of it, in 1941). I already work too slowly; there's no way I'm making it longer by trying to learn to read the script! We are very lucky that Mary Church Terrell gave up on her own attempt. She switched from French to German on Sept. 22, 1889, and by  Nov. 11 was writing in standard English script. Phew! My suspicion is that she did learn it in school, because it was the standard German script at the time. But she'd have been much more comfortable with English script, and was taking forever to write each entry. She was brilliant, but still. Why write your diary in a script you have to work to read yourself?!


              And that's why I won't be transcribing any of her early German, or letters to/about Lincoln, any time soon. Feel free to point them out, Julianne Mangin, and if I can read 'em, I'll have a go at it.


              Now I see there is some of Mary's German waiting to be reviewed that wasn't transcribed by me. Fun and games ahead!