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    Information regarding post-WWII hitchhike from San Diego: My grandfather and someone else

    Alan Thompson Newbie

      My grandfather, Archie Thompson, was in WWII in the Navy on the USS Gunason DE-795. After the war ended, he was stationed in San Diego until finally being discharged. He told me a story over a decade ago that, when he was discharged, he missed a train from San Diego heading back east and he and a shipmate decided that, with the money they had, they'd hitchhike across the country. They succeeded and returned to the east coast (Baltimore was where he was from and I believe Virginia was where his hitchhiking partner was from).


      I'm trying to locate who this person was who he hitchhiked with. I'm trying to locate records to see who else was discharged on the same day, but it's coming up empty. My grandfather passed away in 2010 so I can't ask who it was and his notes and records never mentioned anyone. But I know the story was true. I'd love to find out who his hitchhiking partner was and track down his family to share whatever memories they have of this journey, and also some photos my grandfather took while being stationed in San Diego (i've attached one as an example). Any thoughts or recommendations for where to look would be greatly appreciated, or also any other leads! Thanks! Navy men heading out in San Diego