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    What do you think of this Completed page?

    Julianne Mangin Adventurer

      This is a page with an enormous table of data on voters.  It was transcribed, reviewed, and accepted with only this:


      "More data than desperately wants a chart PA vote data from 1856 to 1860


      This is not the forum to transcribe this sort of document"




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          Lauren Algee Scout

          Thanks for bringing this item to our attention Julianne.  I think the transcription (and its acceptance) show that we need to clarify our instructions regarding printed materials. They do instruct not to transcribe tables and other pre-printed materials. BUT volunteers certainly should not leave editorial notes such as this one in the text. I will add it to our list of completed items that including errors, which we should eventually be able to correct (that administrative feature is still in development).