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    Death information for a great grand aunt by the name of Mary Fitzgerald


      I do not have good death information on my great aunt by the name of Mary Fitzgerald.  She came over to the states from Ireland to finish raising her nieces and nephews after their parents died.  The parents names are Kate (Catherine Gooley) and Michael Gooley. 


      Mary was living at 985 Springer Ave., in 1890 with her nephews. She was living with her nephew and niece-in-law (James Gooley and Irene) in 1910 and she is listed as the aunt and her name is Mary Fitzgerald on the census.   This is the last piece of information I can find of her.    I just want the right death certificate.  Mary Fitzgerald never married.  She was engaged but her fiancée was killed down at the docks in Chicago.  I have no further information on him.