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    Operation End Sweep


      I am trying to place my ship USS Reasoner DE-1063 off Vietnam coast. Can't find ship logs. Trying to get benefits from my bladder cancer. I need to prove I was there.

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          Rebecca Collier Guide

          Dear Mr. Birdsong,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          We searched the Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Record Group 24) and located deck logs of the USS Reasoner (DE-1063) from July 1971 to June 1975. For access to or copies of these records, please contact the National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) via email at archives2reference@nara.gov.


          A list of Navy Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents is located at https://www.va.gov/shiplist-agent-orange.pdf


          You may wish to have a representative of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) submit on your behalf a request to the Joint Services Records Research Center (JSRRC), 9301 Chapek Road, Building 1458, Room NW5708, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5605. The JSRRC conducts searches regarding exposure to Agent Orange and/or to support disability claims relating to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


          We hope this information is helpful.


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            Dear Mr. Birdsong -


            I, too, was aboard Reasoner from (officially) Jan 1972 - Sept 1974. I remember you, but it is very likely you don't remember me. My name is Fees, Stanton, and I was a SNBM in 1st Div aboard Reasoner, and attached to the Hilo team at the time.

            And although I do not seem to have any health issues that I am aware of, I am also trying to find out why records don't indicate our involvement in Operation End Sweep, supporting Task Force 78, to clear the mines in Haiphong Harbor, in July 1973. Yes, we were both there, but my DD-214 does not reflect this.

            Any information you discover that is relevant to this subject would be greatly appreciated. I will also return the favor to you.

            By the way, thank you for YOUR service, sir!

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                Elliot Schneider Guide



                Have you ever tried contact ARBA, they are the ones that make corrections to your military records. Due to the age of this I would suggest filing a DD 149 because you were discharged more than 15 years. You will need to provide as much documentation as possible and show the board that there was either "unjust", or "erroneous" in your discharge papers. In this case sounds like there was discrepancy on you last duty station, and boundries set by the Navy determining if your unit was operating within those boundaries. During Wartime the discharge papers will only show the Theater of Operation set by the War Department or in this case the DOD. They show what Operation you took part, it will not show the boundaries you operated within, suggest obtaining equivalent to morning reports, logs, and manifest showing were your Navy ship actually was at on those perticular days. Hope this helps.


                Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA)

                ATTN: Congressional Liaison and Inquiry

                251 18th Street South, Suite 385

                Arlington, VA 22202-3531

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                I do remember your name Stanton. I did get deck logs from April 1 1973 to August 1973. There are notation about Operation End Sweep and Task force 78. What I have found out is I think the powers to be decided that the war was over on March 29 1973 even though we that were there know better. I did find one entry on May 30, 1973 that we were inside the 12NM zone. If you need more info let me know,

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                    I was stationed on board the Use Reasoner for April 1972 until April 1977.

                    WhenI was discharged from the Navy I was given all the personal papers, which included medical and personal records.  If my memory serves me correctly there was a sheet of paper which states I took part in Operation End Sweep.  I suggest you order your personal records, this paper might be there.


                    Andrew Mitchell


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                    Look up the deck logs for USS Enterprise for 04/28/1975 - the two ships were together. 


                    they are reading the coordinates as: 09 02.0 N and 107 26.0 E


                    I also found this for Reasoner: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XpFO10I-reOgNDVMbK4mVzPQkD17vMbx/view for May 30, 1973.


                    Also check out this website where you can enter your coordinates on a map and it will tell you whether it is 12 nautical miles or not: 



                    Here are some other helpful resources while searching:



                    http://oldbluewater.com/  and check out the Spreadsheet update




                    Hope this helps for now until you can get a copy of your deck logs.

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