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    Command & General Staff College (CGSC)

    Elliot Schneider Ranger

      Hello NARA,


      Looking for secondary or additional resources that may be searchable with the NPRC. Looking to determine if my father completed CGSC. Obtained his records & shows in 1972 from Fort Leavenworth that he completed 50 percent of the course material. Also letter from him to Reserve Components Personnel & Administration Center (RCPAC) telling them he was going to attend in the spring of 1973. That is where the paper trail stops. Reached out to CGSC and they do not have records from 1973. He was considered a non-resident of the CGSC since he was in the Reserves.


      Lastly, back to my question -- if this is missing from his file, are there other options?  I'm hoping NPRC kept some of those records to verify educational records.



      Elliot Schneider