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    I need copies of pre-1950 passports



      I have the passport numbers for both my father and grandfather but we no longer have the passports.  They are both deceased but we would like to have copies of them as part of our family history since they both traveled in Europe and the Middle East.  The passports were issued before 1950.


      Where could I request such copies?


      Thank you, NDDonna

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          The State Department does not keep copies of your parents passport.  All the stamps and locations imprinted on the passport were made in different countries.  Those stamps are only located on the original passport which would have be in the possession of your parents.   When you apply for a new passport the State Department returns you old passport with the new one for you to keep.  Here is a link to the application for records at the State Department.





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              Dear Steve,

              Thank you very much for your excellent response.  I was saddened to hear there is not a copy of the various places they visited but I appreciated your link to the "How to Make a Request for Personal Records" from the US Department of State.  I had not considered using the "Freedom of Information Act" to access such files.


              Thank you Again.