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    Greek letters in a French document


      I have reviewed a document that is almost perfect, except there is one word that is written in Greek letters.  I do not know for sure what those letters are, or how to make them.  If someone can handle this, I would appreciate it.  I have put square brackets around the characters in question.  Thanks in advance.



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          Joseph Duxbury Newbie

          Julianne, it looks like you have done very well already. You have written out the word ‘andros’ correctly. The only ones you’ve not done are the single letters gamma and chi. Here are the sentences that relate to learning modern Greek, with the Greek letters inserted:


          J'ai déjà commencé à apprendre la pronounciation du grec moderne.

          C'est bien difficile de bien prounouncer le g et le c. Δ a un son se ressemblant à notre th. ανδρος se prononce comme "anthros".


          (Actually, in modern Greek the word 'άνδρας', meaning 'man' is pronounced 'andras')

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