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    Transcriptions on loc.gov


      Following this link (https://www.loc.gov/collections/abraham-lincoln-papers/?q=%27project+at+crowd.loc.gov%27?loclr=eacwd )  sent to me in an email message on 1/18/2019, I checked the first result on this list, and found it confusing.  Only one page has been transcribed, and it's the one that has the least content. 




      The text simply reads:


      Geo. W. Gage

      Aug 1, 1861


      Transcribed and reviewed by volunteers participating in the By The People project at crowd.loc.gov.


      Where's the transcribed text for the actual document?  I can't seem to find it.

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          Good question Julianne,


          We have taken whatever data was done in the Lincoln papers as of a few weeks ago and exported it from By the People as was. We haven't edited it or intervened. We will add more content to what's there as it completes. So, that's why you'll see parts of documents in loc.gov, but not necessarily every page will be transcribed. This is essentially a proof of concept for now. I think in future we may wait and only import completed items, which would be for example a whole letter or a whole diary, rather than individual pages.