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    German aerial photography 1942-1946 Dendrhohori (in what is now Macedonia)


      I have been asked by a friend to see if I can locate some images that were taken by German military between 1942 and 1946 of a village in what is now Macedonia called Dendrohori, NW of Kastoria. The village was destroyed by German and Greek forces and these images may be all that remains of my friends birthplace.


      My friend is a 'young' 90+ year old (I never ask a ladies age!) who was born in that village. Her husband died a few years ago and as she reminisces about her childhood and the terrible events that led her to flee her home when the Nazi's arrived, she realizes that she has no images or memorabilia from her her village. I was born in Europe at the beginning of the sixties and remember walking to school along a pathway that was still pitted with bomb craters because it was a town that housed a military research center and was therefore a target of the German bombers, so I have been exposed to many stories as I grew up of the hardships of war. However, Mary (my friend) is one of only a handful of people that were not only exposed to this but also had the misfortune of being forced out of her home and forced to flee across Europe, often barefoot, to avoid falling victim of the Nazi's. I am therefore engrossed in listening to her stories and her life story that led her to the United States where she met and married a man that was actually originally from a village adjacent to hers in what is now Macedonia. Sadly, George, her husband passed away a few years ago and I only have the memories of the stories that he shared with me. He too was forced to flee and as did Mary, he often found himself only a step away from being captured by the Nazi's.


      As a gesture to Mary and because I want to repay her kindness for sharing these stories, I ask anyone that can advise me, assist me or steer me to please help me to find something that would certainly help to make a wonderful person happy and relight some of her early memories before the terrible things that happened to her in the 40's.


      I thank anyone who can help in advance.


      David A Gallop