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    How can I suggest edits to a completed transcription?


      I apologize if this has been asked before but is there a way to suggest edits for completed transcriptions? I was taken to page 2 of a letter to transcribe, but page 1 is already marked complete.  https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/letters-to-lincoln/1858-1859-presidential-nomination/mal0117800/mal0117800-1/  There are a couple reference to Tazewell, Virginia, which could be filled in. Also, one of ??? words is "portion". Thank you!

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          Hi Rebecca,


          Thank you for your message. There is not currently a way for a volunteer to reopen and edit a Completed transcript. However, we are working on the functionality for a Community Manager to be able to reopen the item or make a correction. It's not in place as yet. In the meantime, if you can share the link to the item here and/or go and tag the item with the right place name, that will be a big help. We do not yet have a workflow for making corrections, but we're collecting what information we can.


          Bear in mind that it you want to add a url link here you'll need to highlight the words you want to create a link for and then click the link (chain) button at the top of the text box here. Pasting links straight in causes the message to freeze up, and you lose what you typed. We've alerted our colleagues at NARA about the issue.



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            Lauren Algee Tracker

            We are belatedly making our way through early History Hub reopening requests now that we have that functionality.  I have reopened this page for editing and made the suggested changes.

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