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    How to obtain replacement birth record for mother born in DP camp during WWII


      My mother was born in 1942, while her parents were in an at-the-time occupied German town (now in Poland), and from what I know, the only record would have been kept in a church. Archives in both Germany and Poland turn up nothing, and after receiving help from someone on the ground in Poland, he was told the nazis destroyed many records.

      Through the FOIA I have some records of my grandparents' immigration, but specifics about the children were blacked out by Homeland Security. I am still continuing to pursue, through FOIA, her individual records, which may or may not have a copy of whatever she came into the country with, and if anything references her birth.

      Presuming many people have been in the same predicament -- after WWII entering the country with no physical birth record, or if their records were destroyed, I feel like there must be a process to have some sort of record recreated, but with no "proof", other than a mention of the town in some unofficial documents, I don't know how to get her a birth record.