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    Image with pages scanned out of order

    Julianne Mangin Adventurer

      In the Mary Church Terrell collection, I came across an article from a magazine for which one of the pages was scanned out of order.  The first page of the article was p. 46. The next image has pages 45 and 47 on it.  Page 45 has the continuation of a totally unrelated article, but page 47 is a continuation of the Mary Church Terrell article.  What I have done was transcribe this for page 45.


      [not part of Mary Church Terrell article; plus this page is out of order.]


      Is there a better way to handle this situation?  Here's the link.  I've saved my work, but not submitted it for review yet.



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          Hi Julianne,


          Thanks for raising this question. Please transcribe all pages in the order they appear, even if they're out of sequence. This will mean that the transcriptions will match up with the images when we import everything back into loc.gov. Likewise, History Hub is the right place to raise questions or make notes about specific pages, and you've done a great job of clearly describing your question and including the link, so thanks. In the transcription itself back on crowd.loc.gov though, please only include the transcription without editorial notes.


          Thanks so much!

          -Victoria, Community Manager

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              Henry Rosenberg Tracker

              I have had that happen with letters. Sometimes the left page follows the right page. I transcribe the left page first and label it as left page and then the right and label it as right page. Maybe that's overkill but I would prefer it was clear.

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                  Thanks Henry. As I say above, please don't put explanatory notes in the transcriptions. Hopefully the fully searchable text will lead someone to a document they're interested in and then they'll be able to parse the order from there.

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                      Henry Rosenberg Tracker

                      Okay. I'm glad I chimed in. Most of the time it is not an issue and I have rarely done it so it probably will be caught on editing.

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                        Erin Blake Wayfarer

                        Hello! I've only just found this thread, and it made me realized I probably have to go back and re-arrange some of my transcriptions of multipage letters. I took the instruction "Transcribe the text in the way that it would make sense to read it aloud" to mean that the two pages of a typical one-sheet 20th-century handwritten letter that show up in each shot should be transcribed in order of reading, not in order of presentation in the image.


                        I'm talking about 20th-century handwritten letters, which are often written one large sheet of paper that has been folded in half to make four pages. But unlike pages of a book, the rectos are typically pages 1 and 2, with page 3 being the verso of page 1, and page 4 the verso of page 2. When the sheet of paper is unfolded for imaging, you get:

                        First shot: | 4 | 1 |

                        Second shot: | 3 | 2 |


                        So... when the instructions say "If there is more than one page in an image, transcribe both pages one after the other " does that mean...

                        "...transcribe one page after the other in the order they're presented in the image."?


                        "...transcribe one page after the other in order they're intended to be read."?


                        Long story short, could this be made clearer in the "How to transcribe" instructions?