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    Image with pages scanned out of order


      In the Mary Church Terrell collection, I came across an article from a magazine for which one of the pages was scanned out of order.  The first page of the article was p. 46. The next image has pages 45 and 47 on it.  Page 45 has the continuation of a totally unrelated article, but page 47 is a continuation of the Mary Church Terrell article.  What I have done was transcribe this for page 45.


      [not part of Mary Church Terrell article; plus this page is out of order.]


      Is there a better way to handle this situation?  Here's the link.  I've saved my work, but not submitted it for review yet.



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          Hi Julianne,


          Thanks for raising this question. Please transcribe all pages in the order they appear, even if they're out of sequence. This will mean that the transcriptions will match up with the images when we import everything back into loc.gov. Likewise, History Hub is the right place to raise questions or make notes about specific pages, and you've done a great job of clearly describing your question and including the link, so thanks. In the transcription itself back on crowd.loc.gov though, please only include the transcription without editorial notes.


          Thanks so much!

          -Victoria, Community Manager

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