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    Where can file 500.C114 be found?




      I am looking for documents chronicling Elihu Root's involvement in the establishment of the Permanent Court of International Justice (an organ of the League of Nations) in 1920. From what I understand, official State Department documents on this subject are available in file 500.C114, as part of the series "Record Group 59, General Records of the Department of State, 1763 - 2002". While I found a list of the file's contents as part of the series "Purport Lists and Cards, 1910 - 1959", I was unable to find the file itself. Where can file 500.C114 be accessed? Are its contents available online?


      Note: A few documents from the file are included in the official "Foreign Relations of the United States" publications, but these are insufficient for my needs.


      Thank you!

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          Alan Walker Tracker

          Dear Scar Light,


          Thank you for contacting History Hub. Document 500.C/114 is a two-page letter from the American Consul General in London to the Secretary of State, dated February 23, 1922. It regards a session of the House of Commons in which it was asked if Article X of the Covenant of the League of Nations was still in force (it was).


          Decimal heading 500.C (League of Nations) of the Central Decimal Files, 1910-1929 segment, consists of 449 documents, many of which are multiple pages. These are found in boxes 5276 to 5278. These records have not been digitized. The records are housed at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland (Archives 2).


          To obtain a reproduction of document 114, or for information on how to access other records in this series, contact Archives2Reference@nara.gov. Best of luck in your endeavor.


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