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      Connected to my previous question, I also opened the second page of this document, and somehow pasted the text from the first page there.  Then it somehow got submitted for review, so I can't fix it.  I don't have a clue as to how to fix this.  The text on this page needs to be erased and re-transcribed.




      That's it!  I'm not doing any more page tonight.  Obviously, I'm not firing on all cylinders.



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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi, Julie. This is a pretty common issue we’re finding with new volunteers, so we’re working to update the site to allow users to reopen pages they have submitted.  You can see that ticket here:  https://github.com/LibraryOfCongress/concordia/issues/690


          That functionality available yet but in the meantime Community Managers and other volunteers (as long as they weren't the last person to work on the page) can reopen the pages for editing as needed.  I have just done so for the page you linked, so it is now back "In Progress".

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              Thanks, Lauren.  I just went to that page and transcribed it.  I feel better that I was able to fix my mistake.  I'm getting the hang of your system.


              One thing that I think that you could impress on volunteers (unrelated to this situation) is to SAVE often.  It makes it less daunting to accidentally lose only a little bit of one's work, not the whole thing!