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    Transcribing without being logged in.


      I transcribed a page, not realizing that I wasn't logged in.  So, I logged in, and now it seems that I am locked out of transcribing that page.  It says someone else is transcribing it, but I'm pretty sure it is not-logged-in ME.  What should I do?  Thank goodness, before I went to log in, I copied what I had done so far to my computer.  If I ever get back to that page again, I can just copy and paste what I've already done.  Still, what should I have done differently?  Why do you allow people who are not logged in do transcriptions?



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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          All good questions!


          We welcome people to transcribe without an account in order to make the site accessible and inviting to all.  We want people to easily be able to try out the site--with the hope that they will enjoy the project and then decide to register. Registered users do get the additional features and benefits of being able to, tag, review and track their work.


          I wasn't able to replicate this issue, but please let us know if it continues to happen. In the meantime, the best solution is probably closing your browser tab or restarting the browser. So putting your work in a text document is a good idea to prevent loss of work.