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      Should we transcribe indented text in handwritten documents, e.g., the starts of paragraphs in manuscripts? I'm currently reviewing https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/civil-war-soldiers-disabled-but-not-disheartened/left-hand-penmanship-contest/mss1337504…  and don't know if I should fix indentations if I'm reopening to make other edits.


      Thanks --


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          Hi Beth,


          Most of the indentations probably won't show up in the Library's website (loc.gov) so you can ignore them either way. Line breaks created by hitting enter or return will likely show up though, so it's good to keep those. I think it makes it easier on the eye to edit with the indentations in, but it's neither required nor discouraged really.


          Thanks for asking, and thanks for reviewing! We need more review activity!


          -Victoria, Community Manager

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