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    Confusing message in reviewing stage


      I find the message that pops up when I am reviewing a transcription and want to make an edit confusing.  I click on the edit button, and then I see this:  "Nice job! Your review decision has been saved.  You can stay on this page or go to the next page needing transcription."  Then I am given two choices:  add tags or find another page.  Neither of these things are what I want to do.  I have found, through trial and error, that clicking on "Add Tags" allows me also to edit the transcription.  But there's nothing to click that says "stay on page" which is weird because the message mentions this as a choice.  I think the wording of the message and the options provided could be more helpful.  Or maybe, since I have indicated that I want to edit a transcription, the system could take me there directly.  Why would the message give me an option of finding another page when I've just indicated that I want to edit?