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    Roster for Brook Army Med. Ctr in Nuclear Med. Dept. 1970-1971


      I worked at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in the Nuclear Med. Dept. 1970-71 and am trying to find the names of the people I worked with.  Maj. Mouton was in charge of the Dept. at the time.



      Elmer Eaton   

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          Holly Rivet Tracker

          Hello Mr. Eaton,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub!


          U.S. Army Rosters were combined with Morning Reports as of January 1, 1960.  Since the time frame you are looking for is considered non-Archival, you must request these records from the National Personnel Center in St. Louis. Please see the NPRC website for further information on obtaining these records. 


          Any rosters for civilian employees of the Department of the Army were not retained as permanent records that would have been sent to the National Archives.  This base may have retained such records, but you would have to contact them directly. 


          You may request a copy of your own record in the off chance there is mention of other people you worked with.  This was commonly found in older files, but more rare in records in the 1960s and later. If you served as a civilian, please follow the instructions on this webpage and send your written request to National Personnel Records Center, Annex 1411 Boulder Boulevard Valmeyer, IL 62295.  If you served in the military you may request a copy of your record by filling out the SF-180 and mailing it to the appropriate location outlined on page three of the form.


          Best of luck with your research!


          Holly Rivet


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