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    Senate Hearings


      I am a public librarian and my patron is interested in the transcripts from the 1970 Senate Hearings on The Pill and Sen. Gaylord Nelson's involvement. I believe that this was part of the larger work he did with pharmaceutical public policies. Are these in print or digital format anywhere?

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          Hi Catherine -- thank you for posting to History Hub!


          I checked in the CIS Indexes, our go-to source for identifying congressional hearings, and found the Senate hearings you're referencing. They were held by the Committee on Small Business, Subcommittee on Monopoly:


          • Competitive Problems in the Drug Industry, Part 15: Oral Contraceptives (Volume One). Jan. 14, 15, 21-23, 1970 -- Y4.Sm1/2:D84/pt.15
          • Competitive Problems in the Drug Industry, Part 16: Oral Contraceptives (Volume Two). Feb. 24, 25, Mar. 3, 4, 1970 -- Y4.Sm1/2:D84/pt.16/v.2
          • Competitive Problems in the Drug Industry, Part 17: Oral Contraceptives (Volume Three). Appendices. 1970 -- Y4.Sm1/2:D84/pt.17/v.3


          I've included the Superintendent of Document number (Y4 number) for each hearing. You should be able to locate a print copy at a local Federal Depository Library.


          These three hearings, and the whole rest of the series stretching from 1967-1979, are digitized and freely available online through Hathi Trust Digital Library. I provided the direct links to each hearing through Hathi above.


          Another alternative, and one that's probably the fastest method to locate congressional hearings, is to find access to the full version of ProQuest Congressional, which is a subscription database. ProQuest Congressional may be available to you through a local academic or law library.




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