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    Q: 1910 Passenger List, page size


      I am looking at a passenger list from a 1910 docking at New York. The list appears to be 2-pages front and back, possibly punched for a wire-binding and/or mounting in notebook. The pages appear to be square but I am curious to know the original sheet size.


      Have googled, searched NARA, etc. Cannot find a clue.


      Any help appreciated.

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          Jenette Parish Adventurer

          Hello Mr. Karlin,

          Thank you for contacting the History Hub regarding 1910 passenger lists. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the passenger list size information. There are many variables. Please refer to page 59 of the Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives (3rd ed., 2000) to see that many types of forms were used throughout history to document various immigrant status details. None of the forms list their actual size.

          The National Archives no longer has the original passenger lists. All of the records have been scanned to microfilm and later destroyed. I recommend that you contact Ellis Island Library, where many original records may still exist. They may be of assistance. You may also contact the USCIS library in Washington D.C. They may also be of assistance or have original passenger list sheets.

          I hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research.

          Jenette Parish


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