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    line breaks


      Hi, All --


      I'm just getting starting with learning to review on Crowd LOC, in "Letters to Lincoln," and want to confirm that line endings should be respected when transcribing. I see that the second paragraph of "How to Transcribe" says to "preserve line endings," (https://crowd.loc.gov/help-center/how-to-transcribe/), but that hasn't been done in the very first document I've chosen to review.


      (I do lots of work reviewing for Smithsonian Institution in the Freedmen's Bureau Project, and line endings aren't reflected in their style.)


      Many thanks --


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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi Beth,


          Yes, please preserve line breaks when transcribing. I have also noticed that not all volunteers are including them, and since we are transcribing for searchability it is not crucial, but does help with reviewing the items.


          I suggest including them whenever you transcribe, but if you are reviewing an item without them that is accurate in every other way you can either approve it as is or add the breaks and resubmit. Hope this helps!


          - Lauren

          Crowd.loc.gov Community Manager

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