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    Where can I find Kentucky birth records circa 1890-1910?


      Trying to find resources for locating kentucky birth records for time period spanning 1890-1910.

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          Dear Ms. Williams,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub.


          Ancestry.com has the records you are looking for online, on their page Kentucky, Birth Records, 1847-1911. If you wish to see these records in microfilm (rolls #994027-994058), they are held at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives in Frankfort, KY.


          Birth records before 1911 were not created consistently. As the Ancestry.com page says, “[b]irth records begin in Kentucky as early as 1852 when statewide registration was first enacted. The requirement continued only for ten years. Some births were recorded (1874-79, 1892-1910), but observance remained sporadic. Birth registration was enacted statewide again on 1 January 1911 and was generally adhered to by 1920.”


          The Ancestry.com database linked above is free, but know that all Ancestry.com databases are free to use on National Archives computers at all our locations. Also, your local library system may have a subscription that allows you to access subscriber-only databases.


          We hope this is helpful to your research!




          Katharine Seitz

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