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    Thanksgiving transcription: Gobble it up!


      Whether you're toiling away in the kitchen or ordering takeaway, watching the game or watching the pies, organizing family activities or gazing soulfully into the eyes of dog, the only family member who really understands how you feel, take time this Thanksgiving to transcribe on crowd.loc.gov. Transcription can be a fun retreat from the fray or a way to bring the family together over a common purpose. Whether you're whiling away the hours before the food appears or looking for a minimal-movement-required activity while you recover from cooking and/or overeating, there's something here for for everyone. Just choose a campaign and get started!


      During Lincoln's presidency, which also overlaps with parts of the Clara Barton diaries and journals, and the Civil War Union soldiers' remembrances, the timing of Thanksgiving was a subject of national debate. Can you find anything about this as you transcribe or any other mentions of turkeys or Thanksgiving? What myths and legends surround this holiday? What primary evidence can you find about how people experienced the holiday in the past? What, if anything, does Mary Church Terrell have to say? Does Branch Rickey write scouting reports on this day?


      Tell us what you find by posting back here on History Hub! Include a link to the pages you find on crowd.loc.gov.


      Here's one to start us off, a letter in the #LettersToLincoln Campaign, transcribed by Community Manager Lauren Algee: a man writing to his brother from Illinois about the weather and local wildlife, including turkeys!