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    seeking descendants of file # 02505879


      In a donation to my church thrift store was a Certificate of Recognition as a Veteran card for a Frank L. Hutcheson, issued April 12, 1928 in Richmond VA and identifying Mr. Hutcheson as a veteran of the Spanish American War. The back of the card shows that he was born in Caroline County VA on November 2, 1877.


      Am just trying to get this card back to his family-records like this should not be destroyed, but preserved !

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          Dear Mr. Stanton,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub!


          Unfortunately, the National Archives does not have the present addresses of former service personnel or their survivors on file.


          From what you have shared, the card does not sound like something contained within the Spanish-American War soldiers’ compiled military service records (CMSRs). To help you we will need more information. Is this clearly a US government-issued card? Is there an agency name on it? If you can, please upload a photo of both sides of the card for us to see.


          We look forward to assisting you further regarding the card.



          Katharine Seitz

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