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    WW1 records search


      My grandfather served in France during WW1 as a horse shoer.  Is there any way, based on his name, to find a unit he may have served with and service time?

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          Holly Rivet Tracker

          Hello Mr. Wagenaar,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub!


          Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF) for Army servicemen retired or discharged between 11/1/1912 and 09/30/2002 are held at the National Archives in St. Louis.  These files contain information about enlistment, training received, organizations they served with, correspondence,  and discharge. 


          Due to the 1973 Fire, a large portion of Army and Air Force records were destroyed or damaged.  To reconstruct service records we also have the WWI Enlisted Men Final Military Pay Vouchers that will contain name, rank, organization, date and place of enlistment and, as well as character and date of discharge.


          These records are releasable to the public when the date of separation becomes 62 years from today’s date.  You may request these OMPFs to view in our Research Room or complete an SF-180 form and send it to the following address. 


          National Archives and Records Administration

          National Archives at St. Louis

          ATTN: RL-SL

          PO Box 38757

          St. Louis, MO 63138



          Holly Rivet


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            Elliot Schneider Ranger

            Mr. Wagenaar,


            What was the individual name, or any unit information.

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              John Plunkett Wayfarer

              Hello Sir:

              Looking at the transportation lists for WW1. One individual stands out and could be your Grandfather.

              Edward H.Wagenaar-1379000--Battery C. 124th Field Artilliary--USNG on board Melita from New York May 27,1918 --Private 1st Class.

              This man returned on the America  May 11, 1919 with the same unit. HS FA-- Horse Shoer Field Artilliary.


              Hope this is of assistance,


              John Plunkett

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                Based on the answer from John Plunkett is there anyway to find out about getting a copy from this research and if the unit was awarded any decorations or medals my grandfather would have been eligible to legally wear?

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                  John Plunkett Wayfarer

                  John Plunkett here. Spelling is not my forte.

                  Looked at  veterans headstone applications.

                  Edward Henry Wagenaar : Illinois NG and AEF

                  Enlistments                         Discharges

                  Dec 1, 1913                           Nov 7, 1916

                  July 12 1917                         July 8, 1919 Hon.

                  Born: May 27,1896        Died: August 2,1955

                  Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery,Tampa,Florida

                  VA claim# 2204813

                  Horseshoer Battery C 124 Field Artillery

                  31st. Division **** I know this is incorrect.

                  33rd Division is the correct division.

                  124 FA is part of 58 Field Artillery Brigade.  They never fought with the 33rd either.  Fought with a # of other divisions. 77mm guns

                  Highest rank for Edward is Chauffeur in same org.

                  Recommended Book---

                  The Cannoneers have hairy ears: A Diary of the front lines. I believe Casey is the Author. Captain of Battery A, 124 FA. Describes travels and actions of the 124 FA.


                  John Plunkett

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                    Elliot Schneider Ranger

                    Mr. Wagenaar,


                    If he was from the Illinois area, please use this information below. They may have paperwork for you to fill out but you may get lucky depending how far back records go. They might have information on units and possibly his final pay records, or discharge papers. According to the Illinois AG he was with the Illinois NG Cavalry from 1913 to 1916, than Reienlisted 1916, 1917-1919 With The Illinois 3rd Field Artillery.


                    For further information call:  (217) 761-3910, fax (217) 761-3709, email us at, or write us:

                    Illinois State Military Museum
                    Department of Military Affairs
                    1301 N. MacArthur Blvd.,
                    Springfield, Illinois 62702-2399




                    Elliot Schneider

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                        Mr Schneider,


                        After all the information I've received from History Hub personnel.  I was given a contact for the Illinois NG Museum.  The following is the name and address for the National Guard Command Historian.  I provided this person with the information from everyone's research and she is sending me complete information on my grandfather from his service in France under General Pershing's command from the AEF and presidential call up.


                        Thanks to all for the information you found


                        Adriana Schroeder

                        Illinois National Guard

                        Command Historian

                        Camp Lincoln

                        1301 N. MacArthur Blvd.

                        Springfield, IL 62702


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                        John Plunkett Wayfarer

                        No medals is recorded on the headstone application.He would have to be entitled to at least the Victory Medal with the French Clasp.


                        The 58th Field Artillery Brigade fought in these engagements:-

                        St Mihiel:-

                        Supported the 1st. Division in the assault against Mont.Sec




                        Supported in turn the 91st , 32nd  and  89th Divisions.


                        Don't know why no medal. Might have been detached?? Mistake??? The rosters and daily changes might lend a clue. He would be entitled to something. The veteran checks indicated the 31st division on the headstone application.Might be an army cock-up!!!


                        Robert Casey (recorded as with Battery C) describes Nov. 11 on their WW1 site.

                        "For months we have slept under the guns....We cannot comprehend the stillness."


                        Gives an error message. Don't know why. Look up Robert Casey at the WW1 Museum and you will see the complete quote. SORRY!!!


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                          Elliot Schneider Ranger

                          Mr. Wagenaar,


                          You may also want to look at the following below for additional records.


                          They converted and redesignated 12 October 1917 as the 108th Ammunition Train and 108th Supply Train and assigned to the 33d Division.





                          Elliot Schneider

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                            John Plunkett Wayfarer

                            Wrap up!!!!

                            National Archives:-

                            Record Group 120.9.4  -

                            Other Tactical Units:-

                            Records of 30 - 64 FA Brigades 1917-1919

                            Hope this has Muster Roll Rosters and  Morning Reports

                            would show  presence or absence, sickness, special duty and reassignments.



                            Extracts from:-

                            Order of Battle of the US Land Forces in the World War V.2 1988

                            Pub. by :- Center of Military History


                            July 18,1917


                            War  Department designates NG of Ill. to form 33rd division. Camp Logan, Houston, Tex. for training.


                            July 25,  1917

                            NG Ill.  Federal Service


                            Sep. 10,1917

                            58 FA Brigade organised. Includes 2nd. & 3rd Ill. FA and 6th Ill. Inf.


                            June 13, 1918

                            58 FA Brigade & 108 AM TN  arrive from England via Lateur to Artillery training  area  LeValdahon and Ornans.




                            Sep. 12 - 15, 1918

                            58 FA Brig & 108  AM  TN participate in St. Michiel operation in support of 1st. Div.


                            Sep . 26 - Oct. 15, 1918

                            58 FA & 108 AM TN participate  in  Meuse -Argonne operation supporting 91st. Div.  until Oct. 4th and then the 32nd Div. until Oct



                            Oct 24 - Nov. 11, 1918

                            58 FA & 108 AM TN support the 89th Div. in the Meuse Argonne operation.


                            Jan 8,1919

                            58 FA Brig &  108 AM TN rejoin 33 Div.



                            Muster Rolls and Changes should explain his whereabouts.



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