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    Expanding citizen scanning efforts beyond Archives I?

    techhistorynerd Adventurer

      I recall that back in 2016 let the community know that there weren't (at that time) any plans to expand the Innovation Hub's citizen scanning efforts beyond Archives I.  I wanted to follow up and see if that is still the case, or if there has been any consideration of setting up a program at Archives II?


      Even if an all-up Innovation Hub style dedicated space isn't possible, could consideration be given to a program where researchers could coordinate with personnel in the normal scanning room, check out an approved scanner+computer such as the ones used at Archives I that can create archival quality scans, be set up near one of the monitoring desks in the main room so the room monitors can easily keep an eye on things, and perform an Innovation Hub style scanning of a folder or file unit that can be contributed back for eventual ARC inclusion?


      The Flickr group is a "better than nothing" way to make scans of records visible to the community, but in my experience it doesn't scale very well and it's not set up for bulk processing of hundreds of scans (not to mention being invisible from the ARC unless user comments are added pointing out the availability of Flickr scans.)  Also, the Flickr scans by virtue of how they are created lack the Innovation Hub's uniformly high scan quality.


      I don't know how much Innovation Hub style scanning the Archives II might get with such a setup, but it would be very nice to have the option available when the right records and willing researchers can make it happen.  Could some form of "Innovation Hub Lite" along the above lines be devised that would be minimally disruptive/expensive to Archives II but still allow for the possibility of citizen scanning?