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    Adding scans to the ARC

    techhistorynerd Adventurer

      I've noticed off and on over the years that a variety of records end up getting scans put in the ARC, but I'm not immediately clear on how all aspects of that process work.


      I'm familiar with two methods - the Archives I Citizen Archivist's work (which so far as I am aware is still - unfortunately - limited to Archives I) and the work being undertaken by the Cartographic group at Archives II.  However, I do occasionally see records from textual records or other Archives sites get added to the catalog, and I was wondering what process creates those scans and triggers their uploading.  (The Description of the ENIAC, for example, comes from the Philadelphia Archives holdings which to the best of my knowledge has no active Citizen Scanning program.)


      Are these other images created when researchers place an order for digital scans through the NARA?  If that is the case, I have two questions:  1) For non Archives I and non Archives II Cartographic holdings, in order for digital scans of records to become part of the ARC is the best way to place an order with the NARA?  2)  Are all NARA scanned public records queued up for eventual ARC inclusion, or is it something the requester needs to ask about?