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    Looking for "land transfer" document signed by Abraham Lincoln


      Looking for land transfer document donated to the National Archives in the 1940s by Irvin J. Clark.  The document was prepared in DeWitt County, Illinois by Abraham Lincoln and bears his signature.  Patron has not been able to locate it by searching the Archives, and would like help locating the document.

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          Dear Ms. Sauers,


          A colleague at the National Archives at Chicago offers this response:


          "We would not have it here in Chicago. Does the requester know any names, or dates, involved in the actual land transfer? I wonder if the land transfer was between the feds and an individual or was it a land transfer between two private individuals with Lincoln as attorney which would make it a county record. Maybe they also could look at the GLO/BLM database to see if anything rings a bell. It can be searched by state and county, but there are numerous entries for De Witt County: https://glorecords.blm.gov/search/default.aspx?searchTabIndex=0&searchByTypeIndex=0


          In lieu of that, my suggestion would be the Lincoln Legals Project/Papers of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield. They've collected quite a bit of information on Lincoln from county courthouses here in Illinois, NARA, and other repositories, and either will have a copy of the document in question or maybe have an idea on where to locate it. I would suspect that they, like us, would need further identifying information.  https://papersofabrahamlincoln.org/  "


          Thank you for contacting History Hub. Best of luck in your endeavor!

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