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    Transcribing two letters/documents/pages from one scan


      I'm transcribing a scan that is actually two separate and unrelated letters to Mary Church Terrell from different people: https://www.loc.gov/resource/mss42549.mss42549-007_00007_00036/?sp=28


      As I transcribe, is there a way to indicate they should be separated? If not, how should I indicate the page break?

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          Thank you for participating Maren. The instructions ask that volunteers not mark page breaks: "If you see multiple pages, such as an open notebook with two pages, just transcribe the content in the order it appears." The transcriptions will go back to the Library's online catalog alongside the images. The purpose of the transcriptions is to make the text word searchable, so reproducing layout isn't necessary. That said, we do ask people to reproduce line breaks (except where a word is broken over two lines as in li-brary, which should be transcribed library). We're trying to introduce as few rules to the process as possible because we want volunteers to a) have an enjoyable experience, and b) to get machine searchable texts. So adding page break information isn't necessary.


          I hope that helps. I will also say that if you've already added page breaks, don't worry about going back to change it. Just bear this in mind for the future, and enjoy the adventure! What sorts of stuff have you been transcribing? Anything interesting you want to mention here? We'd love to hear from you.