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    How can I assists with transcribing


      Hi, I'd be glad to help with transcribing but am not sure how to get started.  Please let me know what steps I can take.  This sounds like an interesting project.

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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi Meg!  I'm so glad that you want to volunteer with us! 


          I suggest starting by reading through the crowd.loc.gov Welcome Guide, which includes instructions on transcribing, tagging, and reviewing transcriptions by other volunteers. You can also access the instructions at any time while working on a document by clicking "Questions" or see a cheatsheet by clicking "Quick Tips".


          Once you have a handle on the transcription guidelines, explore the different collections available to transcribe by browsing the Campaigns. I'm partial to Letters To Lincoln. We're challenging our volunteers to finish transcribing over 10,000 letters and other documents from the Abraham Lincoln papers by the end of 2018!


          Hope this helps you get started. Let us know what you find once you dig in!

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