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    How do volunteers work together?

    Meredith Doviak Adventurer

      I enjoy working as part of a team. How can we work together to ensure the accuracy of our transcriptions?

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          Hi Meredith. Thanks for your question. In terms of transcribing and reviewing documents, each page on crowd.loc.gov will be transcribed by at least one person. Transcribers can be anonymous or registered users. Maybe you can read an entire letter--that's great! But maybe you can't get every letter of every word. That's ok too. Do your best and click "save" even if you haven't finished everything. Once you've left the page other people will be able to jump in and add to the transcription. Once someone feels a page is fully transcribed they can click "Submit for review", which will then allow a registered volunteer to review or edit the transcription. When another person reads it, deems it complete, and clicks "Approve" the transcription is done. You can read more about the process in the Help Center (https://crowd.loc.gov/help-center/how-to-review/).


          No one should review their own work. We find that transcriptions are most accurate when multiple people have read them over and carefully considered the text.


          Feel free to transcribe with friends and family or with a class. We'reWe hope that you and other volunteers will also enjoy tagging documents and chatting with each other and Community Managers here on History Hub. We're keen to hear about how volunteers are using this site -- so another way of working together is letting us know what you're up to. We're all ears!

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