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    PO box owner from 1943

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      Hello, is there any way to find the name of a business based on a PO Box number? My question is this: I was able to find a photograph of my father during his military service. It was taken shortly after he enlisted. On the back of the photo is the number of the negative, along with a PO Box number/City where the negative was stated to be kept on file. The photo is from 1943, so it is unlikely that the photographer is still is in business, or that the negative would have been kept from that many years ago, but I was going to try anyway. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, joan

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          Hi Joan,


          I am not aware of any specific resource for locating P.O. Box numbers. Your best bet might be to see if the public library in that city has digitized any of the local newspapers from that time period. If so, you could do a keyword search for the P.O. Box number (or maybe just for “photography” or “photographer”) and see if you get lucky and find an advertisement for that photographer that includes their P.O. Box number. It’s probably a long shot, but it might be worth a try.


          Another option would be to get in contact with the U.S. Postal Service historian’s office and see if they have any other suggestions for resources. They can be contacted at phistory@usps.gov.

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