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    Maria Bochkareva


      On June 10 of 1918,  Maria Bochkareva had an audience with Woodrow Wilson. She was a member of the Russian
      Army, by the permission of the Tsar.


      In the UVA archives online, I found a note that Woodrow Wilson wrote to her on July 1st of 1918 thanking her for a
      small gift she had given him, a "little image of Saint Anne."  I would like to find some authoritative transcript of that meeting,
      though I suspect the meeting fell under the auspices of the "Committee on Public Information,"  or the "Creel Committee" 
      rather than it actually being an official Presidential audience.

      The meeting is supposedly covered in a book that she wrote titled: Yashka, my life as Peasant, Exile and
      Soldier.  That book was published by Don Levine.  I know that I need to read that book.

      Has anyone run across any such transcript of this meeting?
      regards, JulieZ

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          I have actually just gone back into the WIKI note and I see that the account of her

          having come here is from the papers of Breckinridge Long, an Assistant Secretary of State.

          Those papers are at LOC.   I may have to convince my faculty member to make a jaunt to


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              LOC Manuscript Division Tracker

              Dear Julie,


              Thank you submitting your question to History Hub!


              The account of Maria Bochkareva’s audience with President Woodrow Wilson is described in a letter from Jerome Landfield to Secretary Breckenridge Long dated July 13, 1918. Although the Wikipedia citation states that the letter is in box 38 of the Breckenridge Long Papers, the finding aid for this collection indicates that it is in box 36.


              The Manuscript Division also has custody of the Woodrow Wilson Papers, which are available online. The collection is also described by a finding aid, which allows you to link directly to particular series in the online collection. You may wish to examine Wilson’s Notebooks and Appointment Books for evidence of his audience with Maria Bochkareva, and the index (Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3) for potentially relevant correspondence.


              You may also wish to consult the papers of Joseph Tumulty (finding aid), Wilson’s private secretary, for evidence of this meeting. The Joseph Tumulty Papers are not available online, but if you would like to plan a visit to the Manuscript Reading Room to conduct research in either this collection or the Breckinridge Long Papers, please contact reading room staff in advance of your visit to place a request for material located in off-site storage. Additional information about conducting research in this division of the Library is available on the Manuscript Division’s webpage.


              Please do not hesitate to reply if we may be of any further assistance. Best of luck on your research!

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              Alice Lane Pioneer

              Hi Juliez,

              It has been a while since your post here but you mentioned , Yashka, my life as Peasant, Exile and Soldier. Full text of the book is available to read at the following website in case you are still looking.




              Best Wishes,