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    archives.gov scans and the NARA Catalog

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      I've recently re-discovered the Archives site https://unwritten-record.blogs.archives.gov/ and while studying its contents noticed something curious. Among the many interesting articles there, I discovered the article describing the role the USS Oklahoma general plans played in rescuing sailors trapped after the Dec. 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.  Unless I'm missing something, the four images present in that article are not present as online records in the Catalog - there are other similar images of the Oklahoma's plans present, but the (very nice, high quality) scans present in the blog post don't appear to be present.  (I know some ships, like APA-33, have the whole booklet as one Catalog entry, but the Oklahoma appears to follow the more typical pattern of one Catalog entry per booklet sheet...)


      I know there's a fair bit of work involved with getting scans actually into the Catalog proper, so I can see where  article authors wouldn't be able to wait on the completion of that process, but are the record images made for other parts of the NARA web presence generally added to the Catalog queue for eventual inclusion?  Given some of the really neat scans I've seen pop up (Turing's Treatise on the ENIGMA being another example) it seems a shame not to add them to the primary digital repository eventually if they aren't in the queue...