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    State Department Document, 1929


      How can I get the text for this document in the U.S. Department of State Records?:

      "Memorandum by E.L. Packer, August 30, 1929, DSR 816.01/1 510½ (M-316:76)"


      It was from a State Department staffer in Riga, Latvia commenting on whether the U.S. should establish formal diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union


      Thank you.


      Joseph S. Harrington
      Morton Grove, Illinois


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          Alex Champion Scout

          Hello Mr. Harrington,


          The citation you provided is for a memorandum in the National Archives and Records Administration microfilm publication M316, reel 76, “Records of the Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1910-1926.”


          Please note that the classification number should read “816.01/ 1510½” rather than “816.01/1 510½.” The memorandum is 23 pages long.


          You should first check with your nearest National Archives facility, the National Archives at Chicago, and see if it has this microfilm publication. Its email address is Chicago.Archives@nara.gov.


          If Chicago does not have this microfilm publication, then submit your request for a copy of the memo to the Archives II reference branch at our College Park, Maryland facility. They are reachable at archives2reference@nara.gov. Provide the same information as your initial post to the History Hub. In your request indicate that you’re aware of the page count and are willing to pay the fee.


          Our current fee for electrostatic (paper) or digital (on disk) copies is $0.80 per page with a minimum mail order fee of $20.00. Allow 30-60 days for delivery. Please do not send a check or money order until you have received a price quote.

          Thank you for using the History Hub, and best of luck in your endeavor!


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