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    Information wanted on my Grandfather that served in WW2


      My Grandfather was in the Army in WW2.  I have his WD AGO Form 53-55 and it says he was part of the 1023rd Labor Supervision Company.  Line 32 Battles and Campaigns lists Normandy, Northern France and Rhineland.  His record was destroyed in the fire of 1973.  I would like to know what the 1023rd labor supervision company was.  What did they do?  His MOS was MP  677.  What did MPs do during these campaigns?  Was he in some other unit/division?  Was the 1023rd Labor Supervision Company listed because that's what he was attached to when he separated at Ft. Leavenworth?  I've been told that the organization listed on the discharge papers sometimes is not truly what they were attached to.  Any help would be so so so helpful.  I have attached a copy of his discharge papers to help.



      Thank You!!