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    Prize Money Awarded to U.S. Navy Officers


      Prize money was awarded to U.S. Navy officers and crews until at least the time of the Spanish American War.  In 1813, The USS Essex captained by David Porter rounded Cape Horn and entered the South Pacific where the Essex captured more than a dozen whaling ships in the area of the Galapagos.  It has been reported that by Porter's reckoning he destroyed the British whaling fleet in the South Pacific.  The British whaling ships were not destroyed actually.  They were taken and prizes and sent back.  I am seeking the answers to three questions:

      1.  How many British whalers were taken as prizes?

      2.  For how much were the British whaling ships and their cargoes of whale oil and whaling equipment sold?

      3.  How was the prize money shared, e.g., how much did the individual officers receive, how much was distributed to the crew, and how much was retained by the Navy?