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    WWII Ship Logbooks on "Special List #44": Date Ranges


      The logbook end date shown for a specific WWII ship on "Special List #44" doesn't cover her entire WWII service. Does this mean that entries later than that end date have been lost?

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          The dates of the deck logs for ships listed in Special List #44 indicate what the National Archives had custody of as 1978 when the list was published. Depending on the ship and what happened to the ship during WWII, the National Archives may have received additional deck logs since then. Please provide us with the name of hull designation for the ship you are interested in and we will gladly let you know what deck logs are available.


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              Thank you for your reply. The ship I'm interested in is DE-197, Roche [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Roche]. Special List #44 shows an end date of 30 June 1945 for the deck logs. The most significant event for that ship happened 29 September 1945 while escorting a hospital ship in the Sea of Japan as protection against Japanese submarines that might not have received word of Japan's surrender a few weeks earlier. Roche struck a mine during that escort, which caused several fatalities and numerous injuries. Roche was towed to Tokyo Bay, declared beyond economical repair, and later sunk. My father was a quartermaster on Roche, and one of his duties was keeping the ship log. He researched getting a copy of the rough log before he died some years ago but did not actually obtain a copy. I'm interested in any log available, but it would be good to have a complete record (or at least includes entries for late September-early October 1945).