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    How do you request a copy of your SF 50?


      When applying for VA jobs, they always ask for a copy of your SF 50 (Notification of Personnel Action)?  When I go on to the eBenefits page, there is no mention of how to access information to that particular document.  I also checked with the National Archives site.  The only other place I found where you can order it for $80 is a site called Touchstone.  Not sure if I trust the site or not.  As Veterans, we should be able to easily access this information.  Any help finding this information would be greatly appreciated.

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          Darren Cole Scout


          Did you see this page on Archives.gov: https://www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center/civilian-non-archival ?

          It states that former Federal Civilian Employees need to submit a written request by mail or fax to the National Personnel Records Center for copies of their SF-50. More details on what information to include in the request and where to mail or fax it are on the page.

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            Not NARA. You mentioned the E-Benefit page, whereby you seem to be searching for military records concerning

            an SF50, Notice of Personnel Action?  As a veteran, reservist or active duty service member,

            you most likely would Not be issued an SF50.  The SF50 is for those who are appointed and employed by the federal government.  The SF50 notes pay changes, awards, and job title changes while employed within an agency of the federal government.


            Veterans would have received Orders pertaining to rank changes, awards and medals or assignment changes.

            The DD214 would also note military schooling, rank and awards. If you have not worked for a previous federal agency,

            then you would most likely not have been issued SF50's. If you have worked for another  Federal Agency, then you

            would have a personnel file at that agency or NARA with the SF50's.


            You should Not have to pay for issue of an SF50 from a non-federal entity? If you have not worked at another federal

            agency, then apply and provide your DD215, certificates, awards, licensure and any military evaluations.

            The SF50 would most likely be used to evaluate a position based on a transfer from another agency.

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              Cara Moore Lebonick Adventurer

              Dear Ivy,


              All Official Personnel Folders resulting from civilian service with a federal agency, including your final SF50, are turned over to the National Archives at the end of employment. If you would like a copy of yours, you may request it from the Federal Record Center-Civilian Personnel Records, as Darren indicated. I believe the eBenefits/eOPF logins go inactive at the end of employment and contacting the National Archives is the only way to obtain the SF50 according to numerous requests we have recieved.


              If you are a military veteran applying for a federal job and needing to prove veteran's status you will need your DD214 to show separation status. You may request that from the National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis.


              If you are applying for a federal job and neither a former/current federal employee nor veteran you will not need to attach a SF50.


              I hope this proves helpful!




              Cara Moore Lebonick

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