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    Unit Records under Custer's Command?


      I am looking for unit records that were under Lt. Col G.A. Custer.  I have been told that my great-great grandpa was a Custer Scout but left before Greasy Grass.  His name was Allison Parsons Brewington, not a Native Scout, he was white.  Anyone have a clue on were to look?



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          Jenette Parish Adventurer

          Hello Mr. Jones,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub regarding your ancestor. If Allison P. Brewington participated as a scout with General Custer, then he would have been a possible member of the

          7th Cavalry US Army as a teenager. You may review the regular Army enlistment records in person at the National Archives in Washington D.C. Or, you may contact archives1reference@nara.gov to help you research. If they are able to help you via email, the staff will reply if any charges apply.


          Secondly, while I was looking around for your relative, I found an image on ancestry.com of AP Brewington on a horse with 3 other men. The image is labeled Scout 1876, source is the National Archives. For information about that image, you may contact our still pictures department in College Park, MD at stilpix@nara.gov or leave a message on their phone line. Here is a link to the Still Pictures Department for more information


          Lastly, I put your ancestors name into a Google search, there was a nice pdf. Newspaper article by his wife on homesteading if you have not seen it.


          I hope this information helps. Best of Luck with your research.


          Jenette Parish


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