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    Replacement Battalion during world war II


      I have a question about my grandfather’s military timeline and history in World War II. According to his dd214, my grandfather was a member of the 48th armored infantry battalion in the US army. On a morning report i found he joined the 48th company C from HQ 90th replacement battalion on April 17th, 1945, basically when the war in Europe was over. My question is if he was in the 90th replacement battalion in April, does that mean that is where he was for the entire war before that? Did they move soldiers in and out of the replacement battalions or was he basically waiting the entire war to get put into action and finally did at the end once it was over? I believe he was in Beccles England in Nov 1943 after his training on the west coast in various locations for about 7-8 months. I am wondering because it seems Nov 1943 - April 1945 is a long time to be waiting over seas to join in the combat as a replacement. The morning report says he was a corporal at the time he transferred. Could he have ranked from a private to a corporal without being in combat in that period of time? If you have any expertise in this area please help me. Thanks!!

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          I may have an idea, this happened to my grandfather brother. He was with his unit in the pacific. Was injured/ wounded and was taken to ship hospital, the unit had moved so far inland by the time he had healed two months later the combat unit he was with were to far inland for him to be brought back up with his unit would take too long. They than attached him to a replacement unit or battalions which was used to by commanders to replace wounded or killed soldiers on the frontlines. It may have been possible your relative was injured, sent to replacement unit because is originally unit was already to far inland this transferring him to a replacement company. This is just my theory based on actual events with my grandfather brothers ww2 service. Maybe you can find the Morning report showing this transfer, if he was wounded it may be an army hospital morning reports transferring him to a replacement unit. Check all your angles



          Hope this helps, good luck with your search.