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    Searching for a file named “PW Mail Examining Group”for October 28, 1952

    Anthony Bard Wayfarer

      I am trying to locate a file named “PW Mail Examining Group”, dated October 28, 1952, from G-2 to FEC, LG. Apparently this was filed under “372 Classified. Line number: 51”. The cross reference sheet listing this file is contained in “311.1 General HeadQuarters. The PW Mail Examining Group was responsible for the inspection and microfilming of all mail received at Panmunjom from UN POWs held in North Korean prison camps.


      The mail was sent from Panmunjom to APO 72 Munsan-ni, and forwarded for the Adjutant General by the Military Intelligence Command, G-2, to the Security Division, GHQ, FEC in Japan. After microfilming the mail was returned to the Adjutant General at APO 500 (in Japan) and placed into Army Post Office channels for onward delivery to the addressees in the US.


      I cannot find any records of the Security Division (other than in the 311.1 file referenced above), nor can I locate the copies made of POW mail from the microfilms created by the Security Division.


      Any assistance would be hugely welcomed.