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    Naturalization records

    joan stachnik Tracker

      Hi, I'm looking for information on a possible ancestor. I've looked at previous questions on naturalization but I'm not finding a similar question. Prior to the 1900s, were minor children "automatically" given citizenship if a parent became a citizen?  My ancestor was born in 1873 in Poland and immigrated to the US in 1874. He is listed as a naturalized citizen in a 1910 census as well as on his 1918 draft registration card.  So would  naturalization papers be available for him, if he gained citizenship when or if his father became a citizen? And if not (ie, if he applied on his own), what would be the youngest age one could apply for citizenship?  Also, I do not know his parents' names nor the port of entry, but would have an infant been listed on a passenger manifest? thank you, joan

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          Ms. Joan,

          As I have been going through Ancestry to work on my family tree, I have come across a search for specifically what you are asking.  Yes, the children would automatically gain citizenship once their parents naturalized.  If you know his name you can always go to the Ellis Island page and look up what ship he came in on and that may help you get more details that you don't already have.  I hope this has helped you.

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            Amanda Pritchard Adventurer

            Dear Ms. Stachnik,


            Thank you for contacting History Hub!


            FamilySearch has a wonderful web page explaining the naturalization and citizenship process, as well as, describing what records are available for what locations and time periods.


            There is a section that discusses children. It says that children receive derivative citizenship from their parents. It also states that no extra paperwork was created and that in order to prove citizenship, they would use their parent’s certificate of naturalization. It goes on to say that starting in 1929, individuals that derived their citizenship through their parents could apply for and receive a Certificate of Citizenship in their own name. There are instructions on how to search for and obtain a copy of a Certificate of Citizenship for an individual through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


            Yes, infants should be listed on a passenger manifest.


            Best of luck in your research!