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    Is there a registry of all maritime vessels including decommissioned naval ships?

    Patrick Power Wayfarer

      My father served on the USS Zircon (PY-16) during World War II. The Navy purchased the Zircon from Frederick Fisher (of General Motors fame) in December of 1940, converted it for wartime use and designated as a patrol yacht, commissioning it 25 March 1941. It was decommissioned 10 May 1946 and struck from the Navy Register 5 June 1946.

      Afterwards, it sailed under a Honduran flag (again as the Nakhoda), was acquired in 1971 by the United New York Sandy Hook Pilots Association of Staten Island, NY (renamed New York), then acquired in 1973 by the Polymer Engineering Corporation of Houston, Texas. Its history after 1973 is unknown.

      I assume that there is some kind of national registry that keeps track of all vessels, since, like automobiles, they must be licensed to sail the waterways. If ships are sold for scrap, is there record of it?