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      • Re: Did Rebecca Latimer Felton, (GA.) 1st woman to serve in the US Senate  recieve  Senate benifit.
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        Hi Charles -- thanks for posting on the History Hub!


        Rebecca Latimer Felton took the oath of office on Nov. 21, 1922 and served only 24 hours while the Senate was in session. The Senate Historical Office has written about how she was appointed.


        According to the Congressional Record, immediately after, on Nov. 22, 1922, Senator William Julius Harris (GA) introduced a resolution directing the Secretary of the Senate to pay compensation and mileage to Rebecca Latimer Felton. S. Res. 366 was considered by unanimous consent and agreed to on Dec. 4, 1922.


        The resolution was as follows: "That the Secretary of the Senate be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to pay from the contingent fund of the Senate Rebecca Latimer Felton $287.67 for compensation, and $280 as mileage, the same being amounts due her as a Senator from the State of Georgia from November 8 to November 21, 1922."


        For more information on Senate benefits or on Rebecca Latimer Felton, I would recommend contacting the Senate Historical Office at historian@sec.senate.gov.




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